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automated quality check of your project

Reliable cost estimation

Get started in no time. Create your own bill of quantities template, or import an existing Excel file that works for you.

Open the 3D viewer from your bill of quantities. Pick up the relevant quantities by clicking on objects. Save the view in your report. Visualize rapidly where the values come from. 

Up to each item, add rates, formulas, notes, variants, and more. Generate a reliable cost estimate. Share seamlessly within your team.

Easily set up the rules and extract quantities based on your template. Generate your cost estimate in no time.

Fast progress of works

Upload your different work templates, regardless of the format used. Integrate the data in Kabandy and it will automatically structure it.

Boost your efficiency and access the information you need directly on site. Update progress reports directly.

Generate visual reports that you can annotate as you wish. Share these reports easily and directly with the various stakeholders of your project.

Easily collaborate - Kabandy

track precise quanitites

Bim quality control

BIM quality control

Upload the checklist from your BIM model. Integrate it into Kabandy and turn it into a real interactive productivity tool

Consult the models quickly and fluidly thanks to the 3D engine developed by Kabandy. On your computer or on your tablet, you have all the relevant information at your disposal at all times, visually and with the help of the 3D engine.

Generate visual reports based on progress. Include only the relevant elements of the current phase.

Track issues quickly and easily with Kabandy’s clean interface. Interact anywhere, anytime.

Import and collect data from your BIM 3D Model and Kabandy generates dashboards automatically, allowing you to visualize your model and control quality process.

You can test it first

We’d love nothing more than show you what our solution is capable of.

You are not alone. How do we start?

Define your goals

Kabandy helps you define and prioritize goals and achieve the best results for your organization.

Set up templates

Kabandy implements your custom templates. You are fully operational from day 1.

Monitor KPI’s

With our active support and follow up. We make your utilization of Kabandy efficient and successful.