Kabandy is the first one-stop-shopping platform giving you a 360° view on your properties.

We finally have a tool to exploit all the benefits from the BIM. Communication through all stakeholders is eventually easy, smooth and effective.

Tase Solutions

Activate your building operations to the next level

Real-time collaboration

Create maintenance assignments right from Kabandy software. visualise in 3D the assets related to your maintenance task and gain in efficiency.

Keep track of all maintenance interventions.

Automatically document all your interventions. Keep track of the history of your building and make sure you can prevent any big issue in time.

Control quality process
like never before

Standardize your control quality process and use the information from the BIM to ensure the right information at the right time.


of building operations professionals report one or more underperforming projects in the previous year.

KPMG, 2018