Who we are

Kabandy is simple ERP for the construction sector created specifically around the BIM (Building Information Management). We are making BIM accessible and affordable so that anyone can capture and use the value from the BIM model.

The Kabandy Story

Historically, the BIM has been designed to set industry’s standards when modelling new constructions. Meanwhile, growing companies like you have been left to hack together a construction management software or use oversimplified dashboard tools that can’t deliver the unique insights you need.

That’s why in 2017, Kabandy has been founded as the only BIM solution for digital-growth focused building owners and the specific challenges you face.
We understood that what really helps businesses like yours is getting data in front of the right people at the right time. But many businesses don’t have budget to hire analysts or time to create reports when you need to make a decision. Increase the value of your buildings and get a powerful collaboration tool over time.

This is where Kabandy helps.

With a very simple to use software you can blend all of the information from your BIM model for true insights. Don’t worry about having time to build reports, input datasets. Remove the need clean and prep data. Use Kabandy software to monitor live metrics so you’re always making the best decisions.

Kabandy is so much more than canned dashboards. It’s an ERP simplified, and is already helping hundreds of customers like you reach new goals.

With Kabandy, you can win with data and collaboration.

We’re on a mission of organising building information and make it available to everyone

No matter how you define it, Kabandy is here to help. Our vision is to change the way teams work together for developing better buildings improving the comfort of life.

Contact us. Whatever the question. Seriously.

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