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Construction project management

Upload your BoQ template, select quantities in your 3D model (BIM). Kabandy will generate automatically a reliable cost estimation in no time. Automate by using rules and save time.

Boost your productivity with our progress of work tools. Upload templates, fill reports on site and generate visual reports easily. Send it directly and securely to your customers.

Upload your checklist template and visualize models online. Generate visual reports and track issues. Automated by using rules. Start saving time now.

Set up in minutes

Thanks to an ergonomic User Interface, no heavy training is required. Set up your environment in literally minutes, and start collaborate efficiently

Collaborate in workspaces

Kabandy was built to be easy to use while offering the highest security guarantees. 
Create workspaces to collaborate per teams or interact with your customers.

Visualize your project

View your project in real time, on your computer or tablet. Access relevant information when you need it

Customize workflows

Customize your platform according to your work procedures. Initiate workflows to accelerate the efficiency of your teams.


Brussels, BE

“Kabandy brings a very easy to use and effective solution for managing your contruction project and follow-up efficiently”




Philippe Sale

Head of Development

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Discover how Kabandy help those professionals to gain efficiency and reduce the cost of their construction projects.

Louis de Waele

Brussels, BE


Brussels, BE