Built for real estate owners.
Designed for all construction professionals.

Enabling unparalleled transparency and access to information for owners, general contractors, and subcontractors.
Naturally integrated with BIM (Building Information Modeling).

They trust us

Automatic repository

Capture all information automatically organized and searchable from your BIM model.


Create collaborative boards and share them on the fly with all stakeholders.

Financial gain

Keep track of costs and save up to 10% of your construction cost.

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Capture information from the source

Use the BIM as a reliable source of information.

Kabandy Software

Take the best out of your BIM model. With a very simple and intuitive interface, you will meet your goals as described above.

Save up to 10% of construction costs

Kabandy Services

Move to the next level. Our highly skilled professionals will help you reach your goals by transferring the highest value for your project. We integrate your models and templates preparing effectively your future maintenance.

Save up to 5% of operations costs